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Webinar: Introduction to the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Would you like to know more about the government’s funding program, known as CDAP’?Join us for an informative Free webinar.

Webinar starts in:

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What Will You Learn?

- What Is CDAP (Canada Digital Adoption Program)?

-How can you apply for CDAP?

-How can SMEs obtain a 100,000$ loan plus 15,000$ grant?


- How is AI transforming SME businesses

-how to leverage AI for competitive advantage and growth

Digital Marketing

-The best Digital Marketing strategies for SMEs

-RACE strategy model

Webinar Speakers

Hadi Servat


Hadi is a Certified CDAP Advisor recognized by the Government and a seasoned digital marketing advisor with over 14 years of experience in the field. He brings expertise in the following areas:

Hadi is a multifaceted entrepreneur, globally recognized for his brand. He is passionate about various aspects of the industry, including:

Webinar Schedule

What is CDAP

What is the Canada Digital Adoption Program?


  • How can CDAP help you?
  • How can SMEs (small and medium businesses) obtain a 100000$ loan plus 15000$ grant through CDAP?
  • How can SMEs apply for CDAP
  • Which businesses are eligible for CDAP?

AI Tools

  • Introduction of useful AI for SMEs.

Start Point

  • how to prepare SMEs for work with AI automation?
  • Which AI technologies and solutions are the best suited?

Data analysis

  • How to use AI tools for Data analysis?
  • How can SMEs create data dashboards with AI tools?


  • Digital Marketing for SMEs

RACE Strategy

  • What is the RACE strategy model?
  • Why should you use the RACE strategy?
  • How can you use RACE?